Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surviving every day life!

Nothing big to report here but I do have lots of little things to update. Aden is growing and getting more and more personality. He has a pretty good vocabulary... he has said dada and mama for a while now and puppies since Clover (our rat terrier) had puppies in November, but he has added bye bye and most recently MINE!!! He is so funny with that one because we will be getting after him for takeing off with something that is not his and he will just say "mine" and well it is hard not to laugh. He also says things like "thank you" and "be soft" that are unrecognizable unless you know what he is saying.

Aden is so loving...he gives hugs to everyone!!! Strangers in the store and anyone who asks. A select few get pats on the back while they get hugs. And an even selector few have gotten kisses...some times we have to remind him to keep his mouth closed but for the most part it is the sweetest thing in the world when he gives kisses, especially if he gives them without being asked.

We have a music lover on our hands. This little boy loves dancing and singing. In fact when I got him out of bed after his nap today I was listening to my mp3 player. Well he took one of the earbuds out of my ears and tried putting it in his eye...when I redirected it to his ear he started singing words of course but there is definetly a tone to it even if it is no where near the one he is listening to. He dances like crazy too....he even dances to little jinggles on comercials!!!

Just our day to day stuff, but to us it is so fun to watch this little man grow and learn:).