Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Santa,

This year I must have been very good because I have every thing my heart could possibly want. I have two beautiful boys that are healthy and all a mommy could ask for, a husband who loves me very much, and family close by that I love to be around and who make my life so much easier. Plus all the material things that I could want or need :). So this year I don't need anything at all. Thanks for all the goodies from years past,

This is Aden and Raleigh getting to sit on Santa's lap at the City Christmas party this last week. Aden had a blast and I was so proud of him sitting on Santa's lap and getting his picture taken! Raleigh, well he slept through the whole thing....what do you expect from a three week old? :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raleigh's First Bath at Home

One part of the first week that I didn't put in the last post was Raleigh's first bath....that needed it's own post. So Grandma and Auntie Laura came over to help with the first bath. Grandma did Aden's first bath at home so I thought it only fitting she did Raleigh's too!
Aden helping mommy clean the sink for Raleigh's bath.The calm before the storm...He liked this part of the bath...
Aden was super helpful.This part was not his favorite.But he was calm for some of it.Espeacially when he got out.This is the face of a clean little boy...who likes having his clothes back on.

The First Week Home

So all those waiting for me to post pictures of all those who came to the hospital or visited shortly after....sorry it isn't going to happen. There are just too many and well the blog uploads photos painstakingly slow and one at a if you want to see those pictures they are on my facebook page. If you are not yet added as my friend just add me and we will go from there :).
I wanted to get a picture of Raleigh in this outfit because it is one of my favorites from when Aden was that size and thought it would be super cute to compare their looks :).

And because of high bilirubin Raleigh got to spend some time in the light box (rotisserie oven as grandpa calls it). For those who also keep up on Luke and Mary's blog, this may feel like a repeat post.....because Adelia had the same problem and same solution :) I guess Raleigh just can't wait to be just like his cousin! Aden has been totally in love with this boy since he came home and can't stop loving, kissing, and touching Raleigh at every opportunity...(all too often waking or disturbing an otherwise calm baby)...but I prefer that to him being jealous and mean so we let him love on him as often as possible.This particular night I had just finished feeding Raleigh and was burping him when Aden stole the boppy (the 'u' shaped pillow that makes feeding super easy), set it up on his lap and reached his arms wide and demanded "I HOLD HIM!"...I am not one to cave to the demands of an almost-three-year-old but it was so cute I couldn't help it! Another great story, it was finals week at work and I took Raleigh with me for most my classes, well when I got home I was warmly greeted as usual...but as soon as Aden saw the car seat he said "I hold him!" So we got Raleigh out and sat Aden by his daddy on the couch and put Raleigh in his out stretched arms. Well not two minutes had passed when Raleigh messed his diaper with a loud farting and squishy sound...the funniest part was Aden's reaction! It was priceless, he got a scandalized look on his face and exclaimed "EWWWW!!!" and started pushing his brother towards his dad!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Night Home

After we got home from the hospital the boys put on their matching dinosaur jammies (thanks Grandma and Grandpa) We did our first night time routine together which included Daddy reading stories.


More snugs

And just being together as a family!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Boys Finally Meet!

After 9 months of pregnancy and then days in the hospital my boys were finally able to meet! Aden was so excited!
I couldn't help it, seeing them finally together made me so happy!
Raleigh wasn't so sure about all this attention and flashing cameras
Aden was so soft and sweet.
I loved when Aden started pointing out parts...almost like he was doing what we all do...making sure everything is all there in all the right places and wondering who he looks like :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Brother's by Picture Message

This past week Tianna has been visiting at Grandma's house and has been a great distraction while I have gotten things straightened out with insurance and made final arrangements before baby was born...little did I know how much distracting he would need. Since Raleigh was born two days early Aden has been staying with Grandma too so they have really palled around together and had tons of fun. These are picture messages I have gotten of his adventures while I have been distracted...

Now these are the picture texts that I have sent to my dad so that Aden could see his little brother...I don't know exactly how well the concept is working but Aden always replies enthusiastically with "Oh BABY" and "Oh baby sad :(" I am hoping it is enough to get him through one more day...and that he will have at least a little idea of what is going on....the miracles of modern technology allowing nothing, not even the flu season, get in the way of new brother bonding :D

Raleigh is here!

Finally here and perfect in every way! I say finally but really he was early! Wednesday at 3AM I was no longer able to sleep...not uncommon if you have ever been pregnant. I started cleaning house because I had stuff that still needed to be done and well what else do you do at 3AM when sleeping isn't an option. So with two days before the scheduled surgery I had yet to pack anything and still had laundry to do before I could pack. Did I mention durring this time I was haveing contractions?...another reason sleep was not happening. They were really inconsistant and weird...with Aden they were very regular and progressivly I wasn't stressed or at all concerned I may be in labor. I started timeing contractions and writing them down after Chris left for work in the morning and decided I had better call the doctor since I had a two hour drive to get to the hospital. Well upon hearing about the contractions and the travel time the on call nurse contacted the doctor and I was informed he wanted me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. So I threw together a bag for me, and a bag for baby and Chris got off work and came to pack his stuff....finally we were on the road. We got to the hospital and went through the usual monitoring and checking, then the doctor was called and the next thing we new we were scheduled for surgery. Well I am happy to report dispite my hope to avoid labor this time, I must say the C-section the second time around was much easier. I had great doctors and nurses and the whole team was super supportive and great at their jobs. Raleigh was born at 3:54 PM and weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and 19in long. We are both still in the hospital recovering well and I am just enjoying the time I get to spend with him. On the down side, because of flu season Aden is left out of the story...for now...he can't be in the hospital at all and is staying over and grandma's house. I have talked to him on the phone a little and am thrilled with what a trouper he is being. We have had lots of visitors and have loved seeing everyone love and adore our new little man. I will post pictures of all our guests once we get home so I can dedicate a post to that. Thank you to all who have come, to all who have called, or shown support in anyway, thanks also for those who have brought gifts. We can't tell you how much we appreciate all the supportive and loveing family and friends in our lives.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Belly Pictures

I made a promise to myself that I would be as equal as possible with my kids....well I did some belly pics during my pregnancy with Aden so naturally I knew I would need to do them with Raleigh...but I have been putting it off for a long time....I decided today I needed to do it or it may not get done while Raleigh is still in there. For those who haven't guessed yet on the poll this may help you decide how big he is :).

Just for Fun!

So I came up with the idea today to do a last minute poll....Raleigh will be here in a few days and I want to know what every one thinks....Now here are some photos and stats to help you decide:
Christopher Michael- 10lb 3.5 oz, 21.5" long, and a full head of red hair!
Monica Jean- 7lb 5oz, probably 21" long, and a nice head of short dark hair.

Aden Christopher- 7lb 3.5oz, 21" long, and a FULL head of long dark hair!So here is what you do....I want to know what everyone thinks Raleigh's Weight, Height and Hair will be when he comes out...every one guess please, it will make it more fun to compare and see who was right on what!
Monica's guess is:
7lb 5oz (like his mommy), 21" long and a little less hair than Aden...but dark like his brother's.
Chris's Guess is:
8lb 3 oz, 21" long, with lots of red hair (like his daddy)!
Now it's your turn...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog Neglect

I usually pride myself on keeping my blog updated....but the last couple of weeks have been a whirl wind trying to get the house and everything ready for our impending arrival :)...I have updated the count down on the right side of the blog...I had made it with the tentative date of the 17th of November and have been meaning to change it since we found out that Raleigh will be here on the 20th. I have a few pictures of Halloween to share...I know it's half way through November and I am way behind. First I have some more of the cute pictures from our photo shoot that I loved but didn't get a chance to edit...until now. And a bonus of Aden's first carved pumpkin! It goes with the Spiderman theme :D