Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Batman, Boogers, and Bumps

Can you tell what is odd about this adorable face?How about now? I know the quality of picture isn't the greatest it is my cell phone but if you look really close the arrows are pointing to an odd bump.

Normally a bump on the head of any two and a half year old would be normal but this one is was never red, bruised or otherwise just showed up and to add to the oddity, it is hard and feels like a little pea under the skin. So that along with a rash and some pretty scary looking bug bites we decided to venture to the doctor. Well the bug bites were just mosquito bites...apparently it is pretty normal for little kids to have bad reactions to them....whew that's a relief (West Nile aside, fairly harmless). The rash, a mystery that she gave him a cream for that so far has done wonders. And last but not least the's a cyst. Harmless collection of fluids under the skin. They normally go away on their own but if it grows to big we may have to have it surgically removed....sounds scary but really I'm not worried unless he starts looking like Quasimodo of course.

Aside from his recent doctor adventures, Aden has a couple of obsessions that make me giggle....the first one sometimes makes me gag but then I can't help but laugh. I get told at least once a day..."Mom, BOOGERS!" I invested in a box of tissues for every room because boogers are a serious matter especially when he announces his boogers right after he has swiped his nose across my shirt. His other fun thing about boogers is, he wants to "see" after he or anyone else blows their which he looks and exclaims "GROSS!!!"
Last but not least....Na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! That is Aden's new theme song....he brakes out singing it at random and on cue. But mostly you will hear him singing it when he is in costume (his batman PJ's). It's so cute I had to share. Here Batman is eating bacon....something new for him, he usually won't eat anything meat related.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A post neglected........The Fourth of July

So Fourth of July weekend we went fishing with my parents, my brother and his family, and even my grandparents were there for a while. Chris had to stay in cell range for work so he wasn't able to come, but he spent the day with his dad fishing and riding ATV's closer to home.On the fourth Courtney and Dale came down and bought some fun little fire works to go with the ones we bought.....ours were only some sparklers and the blooming flowers....their's were much better.
Aden wasn't big on the flash from the pictures I was taking....He was really fevered and not feeling well at all.....we are pretty sure that was the beginings of the chicken pox. Tianna had them two weeks before and didn't even know it yet, so Aden got a really really mild case, which he is now fully recovered.

Boys Day Out!

The boys went fishing down in southern Utah on the Colorado River yesterday and had a ball. They caught tons and tons of fish and kept the 15 largest catfishes they cought. Chris's biggest catch of the day was a Carp that was nearly five pounds...he had to throw it back but he got some pictures of it first.
Aden spent most of his time playing in the dirt....if you couldn't tell from the face and clothing...he is a little dust monkey! But he would take breaks from the the dirt to help his daddy real in some fish.

Friday, July 10, 2009

So Who Was Right?

So the poll at the last standing was 56% girl and 44% voted boy.................and the ultra sound says.......................

Poor little boy....not even born and his boy parts are on the interweb.
Because he is so small they want to do another ultrasound in five weeks, so more pictures to five weeks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Last Chance

Tomorrow, if the baby is willing and co-operative, we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. SO you have one last chance to vote! If you already voted feel free to vote again just to make sure you are heard! Or just leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

Monday, July 6, 2009

ATV weekend

This weekend and last. Chris's Dad came down and they got in a lot of riding! Here is a short video of some of their adventures. The reason it takes so long when they get to the bottom is becuse Rod tipped his mortorcycle over and had to turn it around so they could head back up the hill.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Mommy?".. "Mommy?".. "Mommy?"...."What Aden?"......."Doin'?"

Check out Aden's new INK! Aden found a temporary tattoo that I have had since....well forever, probably high school...why I hold on to things like that I don't know....but Aden has enjoyed it anyways.
I know that my last few posts have been about all the great stuff we have been doing so far this summer, or baby (I am a little baby crazy). So I decided we were due for an update post. Aden is growing like a weed and has out grown size 5 diapers......and I am sad to report I went ahead and bought a box of size 6 :( I was hoping to have him potty trained before now.....but alas it is my own fault. If I had the patience and energy Aden might be potty trained by now.
Aden amazes me daily with his imagination! He is great at playing with toys or random objects and giving them all a personality and voice, yes he does different voices for different characters.
I discovered the best trick to getting Aden to eat is to cut food into fun we have a sandwich cutter that shapes bread into two dinosaurs. Aden now asks to have everything in the shape of 'osaurs...we have had 'osaurs toast, sandwiches, french toast, pancakes, waffles and pretty much anything that we can get into the cutter.
Now if you will note the title to this post, this is a conversation Aden and I have a couple hundred times a day....I only get a break when some one else is here and then he asks "doin'" of any one who listens. I haven't quite decided if this is adorable or just annoying....but I think I would miss it if he never asked me again..."Mommy?.......Doin'?"