Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aden is the BIG 5!!!

For Aden's 5th Birthday I did a Buzz Lightyear cake! It turned out so good I was so proud of myself and the boys LOVED it!

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was super fun! We had all 4 of the cousins together. Here they all are in their Christmas eve PJs :D!

The boys got 4 wheelers and all kids of toys. Including this Jumpoleen from Chris' Dad.

Aden's Christmas Program

Aden had his preschool Christmas program. We took several videos but this one was by far the best. About mid-video Aden does a hair check and it is hilarious! Here are also some stills from throughout the program....Cute kid with some funny faces :D

Decorating Grandma and Grandpa's Tree

The boys got to help my parents decorate their tree and the boys loved it!

Peacock Christmas Party

We had the Peacock Christmas party early in December with a nativity that was so stinking cute, gift exchange and to top it off SANTA came!!!

Raleigh Turns 2

Shaun the Sheep for anyone wondering who this cake is....(google it, it's British claymation) Raleigh absolutely LOVES Shaun!!

Sorry my bad I didn't task train on the this is the only picture we have of him blowing out his candle.

Aden's First Day of School

Aden started pre-school this year! I can't believe how big he is...I even took him school clothes shopping!

Random Cute Stuffs

The boys decided the best place to play was the tiny area on the bunk beds that is supposed to be a desk :DAden after his first official buzz cut!
This is Raleigh and Monty! Raleigh has three Monkeys that he has named and he cares for. He is so cute with them. He feeds them changes their diapers and puts them down for naps and even shares his "La" (Binky) with them! This one is Monty the others are Benny and Cake....he named them all himself :D!

Fourth of July!

So I'm not gonna go into too much detail as I play catch up. Here are the boys and their daddy enjoying the pyrotechnics of the holiday....Okay so maybe enjoy is not the right word for what Raleigh did but hey the pictures are pretty priceless :D!