Saturday, May 24, 2008

Courtney's Graduation!

Courtney graduated on May 22, 2008! Yeah! It is so funny to me to see my little sister all grown up! I am so proud of the woman she has become and I know she will do great things!
The graduation was a nice ceremony with several people who spoke but each one kept it short and sweet:). But Aden wasn't the most pattient member of the family. This is him growing impatient with the whole thing:). But after the ceremony and all the diplomas were given out we were able to get some really cute pictures and even Aden was into that. I think it was mostly the fact he got to streatch his legs finally:)!
This picture is for all those who have been asking to see more of Chris and myself on the blog:) Enjoy!
This is of the Three sisters!
This is of all four of us! The three older siblings"Picking on" Courtney as if her graduation day is any different from the rest:)
This is Courtney with her proud mom and dad:)
And with Luke, Mary, and little Tianna!
And then Courtney with both of her favorite kids:)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Change of Blog :)

With the help of my sister in-law Mary, who has continually urged me to keep my blog current, I have delved into the world of customizing my blog:)! I hope you like the new look and enjoy as I continue to learn more and get better at it.
Love you,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Surviving Season Changes

Hey every one I thought I would do an update on our little family. The pictures on this post are some I took of Aden to give to moms and grandmas for Mother's day. Aden was so cute this day and was posing perfectly....enjoy.

So Chris is doing well he has recovered from the mass amounts of snow we had this winter and is now gearing up for the crazy summer season which means lots of rodeo, county fair, and most of all lots and lots of sun screen! He isn't looking forward to the hot hot summer days but he always enjoys working outside and also enjoys the outdoor activities such as fishing and camping and all the fun stuff that goes along with warmer weather!

I am doing pretty well too. My work slows down durring the summer since there aren't as many people taking summer classes as there are durring the spring and fall. I am however applying for a promotion at work. I have submitted my application and letters of recomendation so we are just keeping our fingers crossed at this point. I have also been doing so scrap booking card making and other paper crafts! I love it and have found all kinds of fun stuff to work embellishments and die cutters.....ebay is my friend...I have found alot of supplies for much cheaper on ebay and love getting ideas from others who list their stuff on ebay.

Aden is doing well and he amazes me daily with the new things he learns and comes up with. He has such a a zest for life. It is hard to catch him without a smile on his face. He is quite the chatter box too. His vocabulary has grown so much that I can't even name all the words he says now. We started teaching him sign language which has worked really well. He loves learning new signs and generally learns to say the words as he is learning the sign but if we are unsure of what he is saying the sign helps us know what he wants. He has gotten more liberal with his kisses. In fact alot of the time first thing in the morning he gives me kisses while I am still trieing to wake makes waking up worth it :) Aden has also changed to a big boy bed! He loves his bed but not as much to sleep on as to play on jump on and eat on. He is so funny he will take whatever snack he has and climb up on his bed and sit there to eat it. Or he takes his trucks and makes engine noises (so cute) and drives the trucks all over the bed. He also sleeps in it and I think he likes the fact he can get up when he needs to and he comes and knocks on our bedroom door in the night if he needs us. For the most part it has been a good thing but there are times I miss the containment of the crib. He is such a people person too. Any one who comes over he likes to be right there in the middle of the action. If we are at a restaurant he likes to watch everyone in fact we have a hard time getting him to sit forward in the high chair. In the store he likes to be out on his own and talking and hugging strangers....if confined to the cart he likes to be in the main part where he can see where we are going and all the people around. He also loves going bye bye it doesn't matter where or with who he just wants to go. It is especially bad with mommy of course but also with grandma and grandpa if they come over to visit and think about leaveing without him he gets really upset. Most the time they cave and take him for a little ride or take them home with him and I just come pick him up latter because then he gets to go bye bye with mommy. He also loves playing outside if I take out the garbage or anything outside he wants to come and he gets mad if I make him come in. He loves playing with the puppies too. They love fetch and Clover is patient enough with him that she will go fetch the ball no matter how close he throws it. He loved it the Saturday before Mother's day we were all out in the yard doing yard work and planting a garden and Aden was in his element...DIRT:)!!! In fact Aden loves dirt so much I have had troubles getting him to leave my indoor plants alone. So much so I have to keep putting more dirt in the pots. One day I even cought him dancing on the coffee table with my potted plants in his hands...out of their pots. Needless to say I had a really hard time not laughing. He has gone from walking to out right running....which makes him that much harder to keep up with but it is so fun watching him grow and change.

We are looking forward to playing outside traveling to see our friends and family and all the wonderful things that summer brings. Hope all is well with all our friends and family. Love you, the Binghams:)

Easter.....sorry it took so long

Hey every one sorry it has taken so long to update. These are some pictures of easter. Aden loved the eggs and the fact that they opened and had lots of candy in them.

He would bring them to me and say "Mmmmmmm" which translates to "open this please mommy I want the candy that is inside".

He made out like a bandit....The Easter Bunny brought him toys, sunglasses, stuffed animals, cd's with kids music, and all kinds of candy!

He also had some eggs with Binkis in them....which he calls "mine" because he is very posessive of them, but it is cute the way he takes them and says "MINE!" The only problem he had with all the new binkis is he couldn't have more than one at a time in his mouth so he was juggleing them:)
I hope you liked the new post and enjoyed the pictures. Love, The Bingham family :)