Saturday, June 21, 2008

City Summer Celebration!

CastleDale City had it's yearly "kick off the summer" party. There were all kinds activities that started in the morning and lasted all day:). Since Chris is a City employee it meant he had to work on Saturday but Aden and I made the best of it by spending as much time with him at the park as possible. We played on the playground equiptment before brunch. I got a little camera happy but Aden was being super cute!! Then we had brunch and Aden decided before we ate that he wanted to ride the "gattor" with is a mix between a tractor and a golf cart:). He climbed in to it all by himself and wanted to drive it. After brunch and some more playing on the playground we came home for naps and then latter some lunch....Aden was too busy to eat much at brunch. In the afternoon Chris had to go and help with a funeral (part of his job) so we chilled out at home til 3 when the games for all the kids took place. They had all kinds of inflatable games like a bouncy house, an obstacle course and a slide that they added water too for extra fun! Since Aden was loveing the slide earlier and of course loves water we thought he might like the water slide. So we asked a kid we know that is a little older and was going on the slide anyways if he would take Aden down. Well if you can't tell from the pictures we were wrong about the the slide being fun. He decided he wasn't real big on the idea when he was almost to the top and it was clear on the way down and most especially when he hit the water pooled at the bottom that he hated it. After he got off the slide and finally stopped crying we got a couple of pictures of him being a "cool dude" with his sunglasses on basking in the sun and drying off. Then the funniest thing happened while I was talking to an old work friend...Aden took the hand of my friends little daughter and they started walking around hand in hand it was soooo cute!!! After all the fun we had dinner and the then watched the kids rodeo. It was fun to watch but Aden was really tiered and was getting a little restless and because Chris had to help with the rodeo I was left to chase Aden by myself and called it a night early at 8:30, which is past Aden's bedtime anyway. He fell asleep on the way home he was soooo tiered! The poor guy was so sticky and sweaty that we didn't want to but had to wake him to shower him off. But he fell right back to sleep once he was bathed and jammied:) It was a long day but super fun!!!! Hope you like the pictures, we love you all, The Bingham's

Monday, June 16, 2008

nunnny nose 2!

Here is a better video clip!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nunny Nose :)

Sorry that the video is turned on it's side that is my fault because of the way I was holding the camera. But I hope you like it.....Aden doing his Nunny Nose:). He was ready for a nap when I got the camera out so it isn't as good as it could be but he really is sooo cute I couldn't help but share it:)! Love you all, Chris, Monica, and Aden

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Hair cuts!!!!

So yesterday I got my hair cut and then came home and cut Chris's and Aden's hair so we decided since everyone looked so good with their new hair that we would do family pictures and get them printed for father's day. So if you are a grandpa or a dad in our family you will be getting these pictures if you haven't got them already! Aden, as most of you know, hates haveing his hair cut but did okay yesterday I think because he watched his dad get his hair cut first. We even used the clippers and he was fine with those it is the scissors that he hates. But we hiked through mud and goop to get to my parent's bottom pasture where we took the pictures so I hope you enjoy.
And for those wondering what a nunny nose looks like here is a picture of Aden doing his nunny nose impression.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Tribute to Dads!!!

Here is to the dads in our lives. For all that they have done for us and all that they do for us every day, thank you so very much. We hope you know how much we love you every day but most especially this father's day:)!!!

Some of these pictures are older but we don't see some of our family as much as we would like. But luckily we will be seeing alot of our Bingham family the end of this month when we go to California for the Bingham family reunion!!!! We are so excited to see every one, and for every one to see Aden and the cute little boy he is becoming! As for an update on that...he is talking up a storm and he even puts together sentences now....they don't always make alot of sence but he is trieing. He is a little parret though and he loves copieing his dad. When Chris calls him a turkey he parrets back "curcky".

My sister Laura is visiting from Wyoming and brought with her some pet bunnies that Aden calls "nunnies" and he wrinkles his nose up and down like the nunnies it is SOOOO cute!!!

For those that don't know Aden loves the movie Finding Nemo, and loves every thing Nemo, and well whenever he sees a fish he says "Nemo!" whether it looks like Nemo or not. He has alot of Nemo stuff, for which I blame myself, I just think it is so cute to hear him say Nemo. He is also becoming a polite little gentleman. When every he wants somthing he will say "plea" which is his way of saying please and he also does the sign language for please at the same time and no one can resist him:)! Then when you give him what he wants he says "dant you" which means thank you and it just melts your heart!

As for the rest of us we are doing well and are so excited for the summer months where we get to travel and family and friends come to see us!!! We love you all and hope to see you soon! Love, The Bingham family.

P.S. Once again if you are a dad we know and love "Happy Father's Day"