Thursday, November 20, 2008

His Uncle's Look-a-like

For Courtney's wedding we have been going through old pictures to find all the ones of Courtney for a slide show that will be shown at the reception. Well, along the way I found a few of a different member of the family that caught my eye......let's see if you can pin point why they freaked me out.
Luke 13 months oldAden 13 months old

K so this one freaked me out because if I didn't know for 100% sure that wasn't my kid, I would have been fooled. Aden makes that same exact face.
Luke at Christmas 14 months old.
Since Aden was born I have had people say how much he looks like his uncle Luke. It mostly came from people who we grew up around....since we grew up here in Castle Dale mostly.....I get it I can see what they about you?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surviving an Aspiring Artist

Ok so any one who knows me well will not be surprised when I say I gave birth to an artist. On several occasions I have found that little boy drawing on anything and everything he gets his hands on. He loves crayons markers pens and pencils alike. If you sit and color with him he only gets more excited and will draw for as long as you let him. So far we have been really lucky, he hardly draws on things besides paper and as long as he doesn't get a hold of important papers, we just let him draw. The other day however, we were at my mom's and I put him in Courtney's room for a nap and he found the colored pencils.....well I don't know if it was before he fell asleep or after he woke up...but he left some artwork on the wall. I took a picture before we washed it off, and with a little scrubbing it all came off.

Aden has hit a few milestones since last I posted. Aden is now able to count forward to 5 and backward from 3. He hasn't gotten the counting on his fingers quite down yet but he does pretty good verbally. When he asks for a cookie or cracker I always ask if he wants 1 or 2 and he usually says 2 but I always giggle when he says 3! I count them as I hand them to him and he counts them a couple times as he is eating. It is so cute and I am always amaized at how smart he is. He watches Dora the Explorer some mornings as he is eating. Well one morning he was watching and they started counting backwards for a rocket blast off and they got to 5...4.... and not mimicking, not repeating, not after but right in unison with Dora, Aden said 3....2....1. As clear as day! I was floored:).

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Successful Hunt :)

BAMBI DISCLAIMER: If anyone is not a fan of hunting or really doesn't like hearing about the slaying of animals do not read on.

So last weekend while all the women folk ...and Dale....went up to SLC to shop for a Wedding Dress, Craft and flower supplies, and to pick out a wedding cake, Chris, Aden, and Bompa (my dad) went out hunting. Chris has wanted to hunt deer for, well I don't know how long, but has been dieing to go since he joined our hunt happy family :). Because of funds and bad timeing he hasn't been able to go deer hunting for the last few years. Well this year we didn't think he would get to go yet again...but thanks to my Uncle Gary getting depravation doe tags, Chris was able to go. They went out first thing Saturday morning, the first deer they saw was a mix of bucks and does...Chris was afraid he didn't have a clear shot and didn't want to hit one of the other deer and they took off before he even took a shot. Feeling slightly defeated they moved to a different area and found some deer bouncing along. Chris made a fantastic shot! This doe was mid bounce when he shot it in the perfect kill area. The bullet angled up and shattered the spine, killing her instantly and dropping her mid bounce. She is a nice sized doe and will be a great contribution to our food storage. Congratulations Chris on your first successful deer hunt, and a special thanks to Gary and Dad for your making this possible. I know it means the world to Chris.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've Been HIT!!!!

Ok so not so dramatic....I have been taged by Laurie on a couple of tags so I decided to do them both in one post...

First the fourth picture in the fourth folder....

So I guess now I explain...well it is me playing

photographer at the City Celebration. Aden and I love the City Celebration and the County Fair because we get to go down to the fair grounds and hang out with Chris...even if he is buisy he makes time to hang out with us or have lunch. Aden loved the playground equiptment and, while I had a heart attach or two at his complete lack of fear, he played for forever and I got some great pictures!

Rules are ONLY one word answers, TRICKY huh?

1. Where is your cell phone? pocket

2. Where is your significant other? work

3. Your hair? brown

4. Your mother? beautiful

5. Your father? supportive

6. Your favorite thing? family

7. Your dream last night? odd

8. Your dream/goal? Artist

9. The room you're in? Family

10. Your hobby? Photography

11. Your fear? Loss

12. Where you want to be in 6 years? Here

13. Where you were last night? Home

14. What you're not wearing? Shoes

15. Your middle name? Jean

16. What is one of your wish list items? Laptop

17. Where you grew up? Castle Dale

18. What is the last thing you did? Clean

19. What are you wearing? Jammies

20. Your TV? HOme

21. Your pet? Dogs

22. Your computer? Lifeline

23. What do you think of e-mails like this? ok

24. Your mood? Good

25. Missing someone? YES

26. Where would you rather be? Scrapbooking

27. Favorite store? Ebay:)

28. Your summer? Short

29. Love someone? YES!!!

30. Your favorite color? Alot

31. When is the last time you laughed? Yeasterday

32. Who will re-post this? Dunno

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick or Treat!!!! So I got some great pictures of Aden in his costume! He loves Nemo and so it only made sence that he should be Nemo. Here are the pictures:) Also there are a couple at the bottom while we were actually in our costumes out trick or treating!

Finally you can see the T-shirts I painted for Halloween :)