Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break!

So for spring break we decided to spend some of our vacation up in Logan with Luke, Mary and the girls. When I say we I mean My boys, my mom, and myself. We got in some good quality shopping and the kids got in on some great play time. Aden got to participate in Tianna's Gymnastics class, and he LOVED it. I think it was great for his confidence and it was great to see him follow direction...the teacher is a SAINT!We also accomplished a Cousins picture or is one of the best :)

A big thanks to our hosts!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Photo

I have a few posts that I need to get posted but I wanted to post this photo because I love it and everyone in it :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day to Day Life at the Bingham's House

It has been just over three months since Raleigh made his debut into our family. We are finally settling into somewhat of a routine. Every day is a new adventure with these two. Aden loves his brother....if possible too much. The only reason I can't get things done around the house is because as soon as I put Raleigh down Aden swoops in to "love" on him, waking him, and driving me NUTS. But it is so fun to see them together. Aden can't possibly get enough of his brother and Raleigh gets a kick out of him and smiles the bigest gummy grins. Aden is getting smarter and smarter and growing in to such a fun little man. He is currently working on his colors and letters. Raleigh is growing a learning every day. He has learned to grab things and put them in his mouth. He loves his swing and he loves to be sang to. This is the little guy in his swing mowing on the tangle toy his Aunt Heather Rae gave him for Christmas....less than 5 minutes later...He is fast asleep :)

Raleigh's Blessing

Here are some pictures with Raleigh in his blessing tux. And one family picture from yesterday with us all in are Sunday best.