Sunday, May 30, 2010


Aden took back to the water like the little fish he is and but Raleigh seemed pretty reserved about the whole thing....He didn't cry but it was hard to get him to smile...after a while he was splashing and talking...and he even spent some of the time in my arms sleeping... in the water :D!

Pickle Eating Boys

I love how babies always have that hilarious squinty eyed puckered mouth when you first give them pickles. So with Aden I was ready for him to have the funny sour pickle face but from the first time he had a pickle he has loved them, no funny face just a kid addicted to pickles....even so I figured it was still worth a try with I got a pickle and my camera and was ready to take the picture....but yet again I don't have a silly pickle face picture to fact I couldn't pry the pickle out of his hands.

Raleigh's New Toy

This little boy loves this bouncy chair! He loves playing with his toys, watching his brother and even eating in this great play center. In fact it was hard to get all of this Oreo off of him his clothes and his play center but he LOVED it! :D

My Big Boys

Aden 3 Years Old Raleigh 4 Months Old

Two Beautiful Boys :D