Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Car!

OK so after the initial heart attack at the thought of going through the whole car buying process, we went to Tony Basso's dealership in Price. We got there and told them what we really wanted and our price range. The sales man wasn't pushy, wasn't trying to get us to go up in price, just doing his best to find us what we needed in the price range we gave him. As soon as we told him what we had to trade in he got really excited.....who knew my little Saturn was so desired. He gave us twice what the blue book valued it at because he had a buyer looking for something like the Saturn.....ahhh so we know that good little car is going to a good home and won't be going to auction or a chop shop or staying on the lot long. That made me feel better about trading it in and we got more for it than if we had gone anywhere else. So after we discussed the trade in he found a car that fit what we wanted to a "T" and was in our price range. He got really excited and was saying..."I really think this is going to be the one you guys need."...He was right! We test drove 1 car! I had planned on testing several different ones that we had looked at online and haggling to didn't work that way. He genuinely made sure we got a great deal on the new car and gave us a great deal on our old car. It is a Chrysler Pacifica....a crossover...or for those like me who don't speak "car" it is a mix between a mini van, a car, and an SUV. It is the perfect size and the perfect fit for our needs! I will have pictures of the actual car latter but for now I have some from the Internet to share with you what it looks like.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Surviving the Bitter Sweet.

(Here it is...please ignor the dirt :)...goodbye car)
I know this to some sounds a little silly, but as humans we tend to get attached to inanimate objects, and I am no exception. Since 2003 I have owned a Dark Metallic Blue Saturn SL2. It has been a great car, great on gas, great get up and go, great looking, and very very minimal repairs required. I have known for a while...since Aden was born...that we would need something bigger. It barely fits his carseat, and he can kick both mom and dad from the back seat....too small for Aden and if we ever have more kids, definitley too small for two car seats. Well I had planned on saving up and haveing a good down payment before we traided it in on something bigger....last night night those plans were dashed. I was at work and went out to get something from my car, only to find that my car was "bleeding" Coolant/Antifreeze. I called Chris and he and his friend that is good with cars came up to the school and looked at it. The good news is, it could be fixed, bad news is it would be a minimum of 600-700 dollars to fix it. So we made the decision that instead of putting that kind of money into fixing it, we would put the money toward a new car. It was nice to not have a car payment, but alas, we will be going to Price today to find a new car....we are looking into bigger cars and small SUV. Don't get me wrong I am excited about getting a new I said this has been a long time comeing...I just didn't know I was going to be doing this right now. Chris is taking a half day off of work and my mom is watching Aden. So wish us luck and I will post pictures of the new ride, if we find one, tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

So as many know it isn't Chris's Birthday today, in fact it was a week ago, today. But last week was a crazy one and I feel terrible about doing this so late. But as they say, better late than never. So Happy Birthday Chris! In stead of going through all the things I like about Chris or all the ways he is a support and pillar in my life, I decided I would put together a slide show for him that shows what I love and appreciate him for. It is also a good slide show showing our lives together so far, centering more on Chris of course. I hope you like it Chris....and anyone else who may view it:)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tianna Turned Two!!!

So Tianna had her Birthday party this past Saturday. It was a Princess themed party and dress up was encouraged. I made Aden a Prince Tunic and he got to wield a sword so he was loving it! I took some pictures of Aden and Chris in the yard before the party and then some at the party.....You will notice I was a little camera happy to one particular "royal"....he just looked too cute. I am sure Mary got more pictures of the party and the birthday girl so when she posts those you can see them by clicking here. Just a little note for Tianna....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET HEART!!! (Mary please read that to her. thanks)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sensing Change

The smell, it is always the same and always so distinct. It is how I can tell that the last of summer is ebbing away and fall is at our doorstep. It is how the trees know that their lush green leaves will start changing into the majestic last hurrah before they are gone. It is a crisp clean smell that tells the sky to change from the brightest blue to a lighter more subtle shade. It is how the insects know to get their fill of life before the long sleep of winter. It is the smell of harvest. The plants that have been nurtured and loved for months are finally ready to bear their fruits. So while I can see that the leaves are lightening at their tips, I can feel the breeze growing cooler, I can hear the rain that so often accompanies autumn, and I can taste the harvested fruits, it is the smell that truly tells me. Summer has died, giving way to the next season in the never ending cycle.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

We had so much fun Labor day weekend. While the Chris and my brother Luke and my Dad all went on a horse pack trip, us girls (and Aden) went up to Salt Lake for some real fun. We went to the Hogle Zoo and spent the day showing our animals the zoo animals:). Then we went to a hotel and stayed the night. We played in the hot tub and pool and got in some girl bonding time. We did some shoping and packed in about as much fun as is possible in one weekend. Aden and Tianna had so much fun together. I think they are finally getting to the point that they are actually playing and getting along really well. The slide show is of all the pictures I took with my camera but Mary has some that I don't have so click here to see her post too. We spent Monday quilting on Tianna's "big girl" quilt. Mary has spent countless hours converting one of Tianna's baby blankets into a quilt for her "big girl bed". I think it is so beautiful and will be so special for Tianna to have a quilt that her mom, aunts (from both sides of the family), grandma, and even her dad worked on. She will truly be sleeping under a blanket made with love. It was so much nice just doing something purly for the fun of it! Thank you to all that contributed to makeing this fun weekend happen:)

Washington Pics....Finally

Sorry everyone, I have been buisy and didn't get them all labeled yet but wanted to at least post the pictures so you can see what Aden and Chirs were up to for that week away.