Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bad Dream, Good Lessons

So I am behind on blogging yet again but I had a very vivid dream last night and needed an outlet for some of the things in that dream.  The background of my dream is after a major breakdown in government and a desperate government trying to regain control coming up with outlandish laws and punishments.  Though vivid, I don't remember what exactly I did, but I was sentenced to be executed.  While waiting for this punishment to be carried out I thought on all the things that I had yet to teach my boys that I would want them to learn regardless of what was happening in the world.  So thinking my dream-self rather profound I wanted to write them down so I can remember them and try to start teaching them now.   

1.Worth-  I would want them to know that to me they are priceless.  I wanted them so badly I fought for them every step of the way.  To me no matter what they did, no matter who they became, I would love them because they are my world.  With that I would want them to learn that everyone is, or has the potential to be someones world.  So when talking to or dealing with others, I want them to remember that everyone is important and should be treated with respect.  When the time for dating comes I want them to know that they are not only worthy of respect and should always keep that in mind but should always respect whomever they decide to date.  I also want them to be able to be who they are.  They will never be alone and unloved so I want them to seek to be just who they are. I want them to know that they will make better quality relationships being who they are than trying to fit in any kind of mold.   
2.Responsibility- Even though they are my world and would I give even my life for them, they are not entitled to anything, besides breathing and the opportunity to make themselves into anything they want to be.  In this lesson I also want them to be the type of men that take responsibility for their actions.  This is something I want to ingrain in them because it is not only counter intuitive to human nature but it is something that even high ranking government officials struggle with.  We tend to want people to think highly of us.  This causes us to go out of our way to present ourselves as "perfect".  Well no one is perfect and I think more highly of someone who messes up and takes credit for their mistake and goes about making it right, than someone who denies their wrongdoing despite irrefutable proof.  Like I said, everyone is guilty of this, but I want so badly for my boys to know that it is crucial to take responsibility for themselves.  To be the type of men that can earn respect through being human and being who they are rather than who they think others expect them to be.
3. Proactive- I want my boys to be the type of people who see something that needs to be done and just DO IT.  This can range from small things like picking up their dirty clothes or taking out the trash to seeing someone in the community with a need that they are capable of filling and just doing it with out being asked.   If this meant taking an action in government or something more substantial I would want them to do that as well. 
4. Fair-  Life is not fair, never has been, never will be.  This, however, does not mean I don't want my boys to seek to be fair in all their dealings.  If they have the power or opportunity to make things more fair for themselves or others I want them to make the effort and be fair as often as this unfair life allows.
5. Balance-  I want them always to seek balance in their lives.  I want them to decide for themselves what is most important to them and to go after it, but to make sure that they are leading a balanced life.  This could include their work, play, religion, family, and any other worth while thing they so choose.  I want them to be sure that as they strive for one thing or another it doesn't become so much a focus that other parts of their life atrophy.  Work to live but try not to live for work. This doesn't mean I don't want them to be the best at their job and take pride in their work. I just don't want them to get lost in it and forget to LIVE.  Play is the same.  I want them to find something they enjoy and even something that offers an escape from life every once in a while. I just want them to seek balance as they do these things.  Religion is a great thing to have and I think a strong ethics and belief system is important for any human being.  But I want for them to be balanced in it. I don't want them to be so consumed by any particular teaching that they neglect other parts of their life or start to be closed-minded of those around them.  There are many people of worth that won't share their same beliefs.  I don't want them to miss awesome opportunities to learn and grow by being too judgmental and closed minded.   
 6. Love and Forgive-  Lastly I want them to know they should love and let people in as often as possible.  It makes them vulnerable and they will get hurt.  This being said, there is more to be gained than lost. Also I want them to remember in those they love, no one is perfect, there WILL come times in their lives when they will have to forgive.  I just want them to remember that they will need forgiveness at times so it will be to their benefit to be forgiving.  Besides they may have to learn for themselves but holding a grudge does more harm to them than to just let it go.
I know this is a novel and a half but honestly I want my thoughts down somewhere that I can refer back to them as my boys grow.  I figure most of it is some goals to have for myself and teach by example...but just in case I forget or am unable to deliver these lessons myself I want my boys to know.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Welcome Baby Gauge

We welcomed Gauge Rodney Bingham in to the world and into our family on April 15 2013 at 9:30AM.  He weighed and measured in at 7lbs 15oz and 20.5in.  Because of the antibody I had we took him a little early at 38 weeks.  It seemed like every step of the way I had to fight and go to great lengths to get him here and keep him healthy.  But in the end the beautiful baby  boy we now have was and is so worth all the effort.
The before picture....we had to be here by 5:30AM....although we had to wait for what felt like forever for the doctors to be ready...and they were waiting to see if they had any blood to match mine...which they didn't...they had to bring it from Ogden.

Getting him out :D

Just born

Diapered and Hatted

They let me hold him skin to skin while still in the operating room

Proud Momma and Daddy
He was screaming the whole time they were cleaning him up enough to put a diaper and hat on him...right up until they let me hold him...then he calmed right down.

Getting to hold him right side up and getting my first really good look at him.

Daddy Loves him too

Ah kisses

Brothers get to meet the new guy

So very happy and a great biggest brother

Raleigh has too much fun with this little guy

He is pretty proud

Grandpa loves him at first sight

Grandma got one with hair like hers :)

Courtney holding his little hand

Chris' cousin Paul stopped by too :D

Luke with the little man

Adelia got to hold him

So did Tianna

Mary got in on some of the new baby lovin' too

Great Great Aunt Bev and Uncle Neal

Sun bathin' my yellow baby
Auntie Lacie came to get some loves too

Great Grandma Peacock

Great Grandpa Peacock

Chris' other cousin Shellie

Catching some billi light rays...every chance we could

Finally headed home!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wow a year behind....and what a year.

So I decided to check out the old blog only to realize that I am SO very behind.  My last post was over a year ago.  Ooops... So we will do the fast forward through this past year. 
Aden did T-ball through the summer!

This is what happened when Raleigh got the tractor started. 

Could have been much worse.....and I hope he learned from this experience.

Aden Holding baby Linaya!

My Raleigh getting practice for his little brother in 6 months.

Raleigh with his monster hat!

And my Angry bird fanatic!

Riding and playing in Scofield with Luke, Mary, and the Girls!

Raleigh's 3rd Birthday Cake

He liked it....maybe just a little....or a lot whatever :D

Lots of his gifts stuck with his tractor themed party!

He got new boots but his favorite part was the new SPURS...which is all he asked for!

Made the cake inside look like Caution tape!

Showing off his spurs

Aden had his first day of  Kindergarten

Getting so big!

Raleigh Sheep

Aden Alligator

Raleigh's Pumpkin on the Left Aden's on the Right

Aden's class did a parade with the rest of the school!

Trunk or Treat!

Grandma Peacock's Halloween party..Tons of FUN!

Trick or Treat...They are pretty cute!

Out of order but this was the 4th of July

We had fun at a picnic with Chris' friends and co-workers.

Fall 2012 Photo shoot with my boys

Sitting on Santa's lap

Aden's smoke breathing dragon....Dry ice made for a fun cake!

I can't believe Aden is 6!

He got his BB gun for his birthday!

Our Kitchen got an emergency remodel

My mom and I got the Nemo wall Painted...Finally

Most Notable Change in the last year.....another addition to the family

Belly Pictures with me and all three of my Boys...Gauge is just on the inside :D

 So we skimmed over a lot of things and things are out of order but if I put off posting until I get caught up sufficiently it will never happen.