Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

So as usual the Christmas morning post is very much full of pictures! And also as usual my kids were beyond spoiled. Aden started off grumpy but as soon as he saw all the stuff for him he forgot why he was so upset in the first place...which was mommy wasn't the one walking him in...I had gone to the other end of the room to take pictures....but anyways....most the pictures speak for themselves....check the faces of these boys....they sure did love their stuff. Thanks Santa :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Can't Beleive My Baby is One

To mark the occasion we had a monkey themed party (of course). It was so much fun to see Raleigh interact with all the kids and have such a good time. We played a few games with the kids then had ice cream and cake....Raleigh got his own cake to tear into because, well its tradition.

Blowing out the candle!

Here is Raleigh's Cake This was the cake that I cut up for everybody else.

He didn't tear into his cake with the enthusiasm I expected. I think everyone watching, his sore mouth, and the fact it was the WHOLE cake threw him off.

Got in to it how to take the cake away?

We then opened presents, here he is clapping. He loved all his toys and clothes...

..but he loved his little monkey best...this is a few seconds before he kissed it...sorry I missed that picture.

Here is Raleigh with a few of his new gifts. :D

Now I have a favor to ask. At Aden's first birthday party I passed out note cards and had everyone write something about Aden's first year that he would like to know when he gets older that we may not remember. I fully intended on doing the same for Raleigh but with all the party craziness I forgot. So if you could leave a comment on this post for Raleigh I would really appreciate it. As for me, I have loved watching this little boy grow and develop. He is my little dare-devil. He is fearless and loves to climb and hang like a monkey, LOVES being on a horse, and prefers his Grandpa, after whom he was named, over pretty much anyone else (including me). He is resistant to change, he was an early scooter, but didn't crawl for a long time, not because he couldn't...but because he didn't want to...same with walking...he still isn't walking...he has the balance and skills he just doesn't do it. He is super loving and affectionate. He loves his big brother and Aden can make him laugh harder and longer than anyone else. I never imagined I could love someone as much and as completely as I love Aden. But when Raleigh came along I not only loved him just as much, I loved them both more.