Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grandpa and Auntie Hannah Visit!

After riding the float and enjoying some of the festivities we got some much anticipated guests! Grandpa and Hannah came for a short but FUN visit! We loved having them come and we were sad to see them go but the short visit just might get us through til we go to Washington for Christmas.

Peacock's On Parade!

Pioneer day this year we were in the Orangeville day's Parade! My Grandma Peacock, with some help from the rest of the family, put together a float and it was so fun for the boys and me to be in it. I added some feathers to their cowboy hats so they would be showing their Peacock side! The float turned out SO cute and I must say it was a blast to ride the float and throw candy and beads to all the kids. On a side note, Grandma and Tammy adapted the float to go along with the County Fair Theme and in the parade on Aug 7th we rode it again won the Commissioner's Choice!

4th of July Fishing Trip!

After our fishing trip on Father's Day went so well we decided to go up on the mountain fishing for the 4th of July. We actually didn't go til the 5th but it was our celebration of Independence day. It was so fun and Raleigh even got to help Grandpa reel in a fish!

First Double Tubby!

These pictures are kind of old.....I have been really bad at keeping up on things lately but here are the pictures from Aden and Raleigh's first bath together. I love how they are both loving every minute of it! Aden was overjoyed to be combining two of his favorite things...his brother and water and Raleigh thought the big boy tubby was the coolest thing EVER!