Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedge Pictures

We did a fun photoshoot out at the wedge....Such a great are a few of my favorites.

Random Cuteness Back in the Spring

So disregard the crazy mess in the background but I couldn't help but get this crazy cute picture of the boys with their "cool dude" glasses on. These pictures are from earlier this year and I never got them posted. You'll notice in the picutes Raleigh looks super little compared to what he is now. The bottom picture is after I cut Aden's hair ALL off....he cried afterward "I want my hair back!" I told him it would grow back...the next morning he informed me that it didn't grow back yet and he was very upset. Within a week you could already see that there was growth and Aden told me daily that it was in fact growing back :D.

June Photo Shoot

I did a little photo shoot with the boys in June for Mother's and Father's day pictures. I loved the bright colors of the playground equipment as a backdrop. The boys didn't mind the giant toys too much either :D