Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Serviving the Birthday!

2. Aden turned 1 on January the 14th! We had a party on the 12th and with all the friends and family that attended we had a blast!!!

This being my first baby's first birthday I went a little over board:} I made special invitations and planned special craft projects and special games all to fit the theme of "Finding Nemo"
. (Aden loves that movie) Oh yeah and there was a special cake too! I made a Nemo cake that turned out so cute it was hard to let him mangle it...and he did!

Between his birthday and Christmas we are haveing a hard time finding places for all his fun toys!!
All in all I think we all had fun and even the adults enjoyed themselves watching all the kids having fun. Even though Aden is too small to remember, I think he had fun too!

First Survival Tip!

1. Holidays are more fun with kids!

From Halloween to New years we had so much fun watching Aden experience alot of new firsts.

Halloween was fun for us Aden couldn't quite walk yet but he loved to stand and look ferocious in his Dragon costume!

Seeing Santa was a fun event for Aden....He was okay with him the only problem we had was he wanted so badly to pull on Santa's hair and beard:)

Christmas Day was a mix of emotions...we loved Aden getting to see all his new toys and his reaction to it all, but we sorely missed all the family that we couldn't be with.

On the Band Wagon!

So after much debate, I finally decided this really is a great way to keep every one up to date with all the latest pictures and videos of our family. I have always loved the updates we have gotten on our friends and family's blogs so it is only fitting we finally get one too!