Wednesday, July 30, 2008

20 Year Tag...I wasn't going to do this one til I saw I was "Officially Taged" on the Gilson blog:)

This is kind of fun!
20 Years ago...

1. I was amost I did alot of playing.
2. Did "Joy School" with a bunch of the kids around town.
3. I was so jeliouse of Luke because he was getting ready to start school...I wanted to go to school too:(

10 Years ago...

1. I had braces on.
2. I was on the Drill Team in JR High
3. I was slightly awkward because I was growing like an inch a week back then...not really but it seemed like it.

5 Years ago...

1. I was working for Qualex a photo developing place
2. I was working on my second year of college in Washington.
3. Toward the end of the year Chris and I met:)

3 Years ago …

1. Chris and I moved to Castle Dale after spending the first 6 months of our marrage in Washington.
2. We got our fist puppy...Clover:)
3. The end of that year I got a job working for the College...where I am still working now.

1 Year ago...

1. Aden was 6 months old and learning to crawl
2. Aden got "best look-a-like to his parens " in the Baby Olympics at the County Fair.
3. Took the summer off of work to just enjoy being a mommy!

So Far This Year...

1. Aden Turned 1 year old and I threw a huge party.
2. I have become a Blog addict
3. I have learned leaps and bounds about HTML and animation:)

Yesterday I...

1. Did my usual Mommy and wife stuff
2. Started training a new employee at Mom! (for those that don't know, she is working with me now!)
3. Animated a new header for my blog....Check out the header if you haven't seen the cute birdy animation:)


1. Got Aden some breakfast.
2. Checked my email and all my favorite blogs
3. Took the trash can out to the road in just the nick of time....or trash runeth over:)


1. Continue training at work
2. Go to the fair and see the art exhibit...I put some of my paintings in:)
3. Hopefully spend some time with Chris at the Fair

In the next year...

1. Have another Baby...we will see how it goes
2. Finish my Associates Degree
3. Be healthier all around

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Family Reunion!

So we spent this weekend at Potter's Pond for the Lake Family Reunion! We had so much fun. I hope you like the slideshow. We made outfits from paper bags for a fashion show, we did other arts and crafts, had a fish pond full of prizes, horse back riding, flower picking and fishing (the real fish pond).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Memory Tag!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. This is super fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Surviving This Crazy Life:)

So I was scrolling through our blog and realized it has been a while since we have done an update. On the 16th Aden had his 18 month appointment. His doctor said that he looks "excellent" health wise. He is reaching all his mile stones on time and he is even ahead in his talking.(anyone who has been around him can atest to that) He only has 6 teeth, but on that front, he is getting two mollars in on each side of his top teeth. While this will be nice for him to chew with, it has caused Aden to sleep poorly....oh well he can't teeth forever...can he? As far as his stats he is: 32 and 1/4inches and 25lb 4oz. He is pretty well spot on where he is supposed to be for a baby his age:). Chris is doing well with work, although this next couple of weeks is going to be hard on him....He has the rodeo this weekend and then the fair next weekend. So between set up, the events, and clean up, I think he gets one day off...if that. Unfortunatly for him the Lake family reunion is this weekend and he won't be able to go at all. :( As for me I am doing well. I am loving my job and, here is some big news, my mom got hired on here too! I don't think we will be working together a whole lot but I am so happy for her to have a job, and it is something I think she will enjoy doing. My garden is doing well and I have already enjoyed some of the beetgreens and little onions as I thin them out. I am hopeing to enter some items I have painted in the fair this comeing week and am looking forward to that. Now I couldn't do all writing without pictures....I don't know the story behind these because Chris took them but it looks like Aden has a new hat:)....he has put the garbage on his head before but I haven't seen him walking around like that.....although I did see him take all the books out of his backpack and he put the backpack on his head and walked around like that....bad mom didn't get out the camera. I did catch this moment on camera though. Aden saw Grandma's shoes sitting on the floor and got so excited. He made her take the shoes he was wearing off of him and he put on her shoes....too cute not to share:)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swimming at Grandma's House!

So this week Tianna got to come stay with Grandma and Grandpa. Aden and Tianna had so much fun playing with animals and swimming. They took turns going down the slide, splashing eachother, and spraying eachother with the hose. I just thought I would share the cute pictures:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Surviving an eventful weekend!

So this past weekend was pretty eventful. My best friend Laurie's daughter turned 1 year old on Friday and there was a party on Saturday. We decided to go up Friday night and stay at a hotel and take advantage of the pool! Thanks to my little sister Laura, who works for Holiday Inn in Rocksprings, we got the room at a great price! So we called Laurie her husband and her daughter Kalala and my other best friend Lacie to come over for Pizza and swimming. We had so much fun! We all met in the room and the kids had fun getting to know one another. At one point Aden had Kalala cornered and was giving her kisses! She wasn't real sure about that untill she got out of the corner and She got Aden stuck in the corner and kissed him! He didn't mind one little bit. Then once the pizza came we took it all down to the pool and swam until the kids were cold and the pool was closed. But poor Laurie had to swim the whole time with her hand out of the water because she had surgery just last week:( But she was a real trouper and I think fun was had by all regardless.

So cute together and they loved the attention so much they just kept giving eachother kisses!

Lacie holding Kalala and Aden

Chris is just one of the kids at heart!

Laurie with Kalala and Me with Aden

We got a family hug and kiss all in one!

I hate the way I look in this picture but it has us all together, with the exception of Laki (Laurie's husband) and Chris. I think by then the kids were cold, which is why Aden is making the funny face:)
We had so much fun at Kalala's party the next day! The party was great! There was food and all kinds of new faces and people and that wasn't even the half of it! The park where the party was had all kinds of playground toys and fun stuff and a water feature that was so cool! It sprayed water at all different angles and had parts that were big jets of water and others that just misted and every thing in between! Aden didn't really like playing in it himself but he got the bigest kick out of watching every one else play in it. We took him in the water a couple times but he pretty well screamed the whole time:)! I guess our fish only likes the water that is standing still! His favorite part of the park was a giant sculpture of a turtle that he got to sit on. He patted the turtle on the head and gave it hugs. It was so cute....he even says turtle now! Well he says "Curcle" but that is his word for turtle.

After the party we visited a really cool Aquarium on the way home! Since Aden is such a fan of Finding Nemo and all fish really, we figured he would have a blast! Oh and he did. I have to appologize in advance these pictures are not great, I took them with my phone. Apperently my camera got left on after taking pictures the night before and it didn't work when it came time to take pictures....turns out it just needed a little rest because I got it out this morning to upload pictures and the battery was still full.....I was so dissapointed....I guess we will just have to go back soon!

Aden was so facinated by all the tanks full of beautiful fish! (this one was full of sharks! Yikes!)

We all took turns petting the sting rays in the tank....(Aden couldn't quite reach but he got really wet splashing around "trying" anyways)

There was an exhibit where Aden got to steer and play with the controls of a boat! Luckily it was all fake so we didn't crash or anything.

They had the cutest play area where kids could play around crawl through tunnels and look at fish tanks down at their level. Aden found one tank that had all Clown fish and he just stood there pointing and smileing and saying "Nemo!" "Nemo!" He was so excited he could have stood there for hours I think!

The gift shop had a huge model of "Bruce" from Finding Nemo and Chris tried to get him to eat Aden...Just kidding we wanted Aden to get a good look at him because he was one of Aden's favorite characters off the movie starting from when he was little tiny!

We found a few stuffed "Nemo" clown fish in the gift shop. Aden grabbed as many as he could handle and snuggled them close to him......pretty well saying "Daddy I want them ALL!"
I guess the best pictures we got at the aquarium were the ones in the photo booth! Aden didn't really get the concept and Chris had a hard time being seriouse but it was a fun way to get a picture of all of us for the scap book!

After the Aquarium we made a short stop in Provo to visit a best friend of Chris's Jeremy. And then we got on the road for home! I think by the end, we had sooo much fun but we were ready to be home sweet home again!

Next time we go up North I hope to make it to the Zoo and maybe the aquarium again. We don't get up there very often and have to squeeze as much as we can into each trip! And I will make sure my Camera is working so I can get loads of pictures!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Surviving Blog Addiction!

So it is official, I am addicted to blogs. I love to visit random peoples blogs ,as well as loved ones, I like to add cool and fancy things to my own blog, and now, apperently, I need two blogs. Actually this new blog is to help all those who have blogs and always wanted to know how to get cute backgrounds. There are step by step instructions and it should be pretty well self explanatory. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link Enjoy :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Surviving Aden's new game!

So I discovered in the last couple days that Aden has a new "game" it starts with taking all the clothes out of his hamper and then climbing inside! Ordinarily I have alot of patience with these types of antics because normally he does it once or twice and then moves on to a new game. However, this one seems to have stuck and I have a hard time keeping the house looking clean when I have Aden's dirty clothes strewn all over. Well I got a couple of pictures and thougth they were to cute not to share.........I guess I will live, and picking up laundry isn't the worst mess I have had to clean up. I think we have arrived in what is loveingly called the terible two's....wish us luck:)!

Surviving Fireworks and Horse Rides

So instead of haveing one day to celebrate the 4th of July we sort of had 3! On the 3rd I bought some sparklers and some snaps....well we couldn't wait to see how Aden reacted to the sparklers so we got some of them out and got some super cute pictures! He had so much fun with them we couldn't wait for him to see more fire works on the 4th. Laura and her boyfriend Eric came down for a visit. They went with Courtney and some friends out on the desert on the 4th. So we went over to my mom and dad's house and had a nice dinner, then Aden took his bath there and then we set off some fun little fire works there with grandma and grandpa. Well at first Aden LOVED them. In fact he kept saying "Wow!" But we soon found out he wasn't a big fan of the spinning flower of them had a malfunction and I think it scared him bad....from there on out it was a struggle to get him to enjoy the fire works. He would scream and hold on to me so tight and try to get as far away from them as he could. But I think he will recover by the 24th...I hope anyways because the big fireworks will be here in town. By the 5th Luke and Mary and Tianna came down. After we had a great BBQ at my grandma's house we went back to my dad's house and we set off some big fire works (the less than legal kind that Eric brought from Wyoming to share with us all) and some more sparklers which Aden was a little leery of but still held onto for a couple minutes. The highlight for him however, didn't come in the form of any firework or sparkler, he loves my dad's horses! He calls them "horty" and makes horse sounds! Well this spring three baby horses were born and Aden loves them and in fact he has ridden on them on more than one occasion. But he was extra excited to ride the horses and they were really patient with him and we even got both Tianna and Aden on one at the same time. Sorry the picture is a little blurry but it was the only one I got before Aden bailed off. Tianna loved being on the bigger horses too! At one point Aden was on Cookie (the light colored one) and she started to run and my mom was running along side with Aden on top! Aden was laughing and smiling the whole way! They also got excited about the bunnies! Laura brought them down with her! They were sticking thier fingers in the cage and giggling when the bunnies would sniff their fingers. They also both got plenty of bunny nose practice! We had so much fun this weekend and loved seeing all our family together again! We hope to see them all soon for the Lake family reunion! I hope you enjoy the pictures :)!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Happy Independence day! Today is the commemoration and memorial for all those who have faught, died, or struggled in any way to make our country the best nation in the world! In our country we have rights that allow us to choose who our leaders are, and we have the right to speak out and complain about anything and everything they do that we don't like. In this country we have the right to choose what we beleive, what we say, what we do, and who we are so long as it doesn't impead the rights of others. So here is to our troops at home and abroad, past, present, and future, We love you and appreciate the sacrifice you make for us. We are proud to be Americans!
Love, The Binghams

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Garden surviving Aden!

As many of you know I have grown a garden the last couple of years. Well since we have spent the last couple of weeks traveling and getting ready to travel, my garden has suffered a little.....okay so the weeds took bad.
So I have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on the weeds..(it will never happen:( but I can try). Well yesterday my mom had Aden while I weeded, but today I had a little helper.

He thought what I was doing was a fun game and didn't understand I was pulling weeds and trowing them into a pile.......he thougth I was picking up mud and throwing naturally he did that too:)
So there he is picking up mud....and throwing it! And then smiling so big because he helped!

It would have been great if that was all he helped with but.........alas he found that my peper plants had little baby peppers on them and desided to harvest one of them while I wasn't looking....:) I had to laugh because he was so proud of what he had done. After trieing to get the dogs to fetch it a couple of times he started digging into it with his fingers, bound and determined to find out what was inside. This kid kills me sometimes:) I just hope some of the pepers and other veggies make it til they are at least ripe! I love that Aden is so helpful and wants to see, feel, and know everything.... so I guess if we don't get alot of survivors I will be okay:) Earlier he was feeding the dogs and would get a peice of dogfood out of the bag put it in the dog's dish and say "here go" while Clover would snarf the food as fast as he would give it to her:) You gotta love this little guy!