Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lake Reunion '09

So this year Chris and I were in charge of the Lake reunion. We decided to have it in mid Aug. so Chris could actually be there, rather than the usual 24th of July weekend it has been. Well it turns out it was a good thing Chris was there. On the 14th Chris, Aden, and I had to run up for an ultrasound and Dr's appointment and then joined the campers. We got there in time to set up our trailer and get in on dinner and a little socializing :). Early Saturday morning we got the news that my dad was hurt in the mine and would be going into surgery for a broken hip. So Chris and Aden stayed up on the mountain to represent the family, along with Mary and the girls :)...while Mom, Luke, Laura, and I hurried down to see dad. (Courtney was supposed to work, so she was still up in SLC, but headed down as soon as she heard) Well Chris and others thankfully took some pictures of the reunion. Dad feels horrible about "ruining" the reunion (like he had a choice). But from what I hear, and the pictures I saw, a great time was had by all :). My apologies for the Reunion not being the best planned and executed event. And a special thanks to Rachel for the pictures I stole off your facebook :) and everyone else who took pictures and made the trip!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Pictures of our Baby Boy

So we went up Friday the 14th for another ultrasound so that we could get a better look in side our little bundle of joy. For all those holding out hope that there might have been a mistake with the last ultrasound, he is definitely a boy :). Here are the pictures, one face shot, a foot shot, and a really cute one of him leaning his little head on his arm.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fair Week

This past week was Fair week here in Emery County. Aden got in on allot of fun. He loved the parade, the different activities going on and the inflatable slide along with the regular playground and all the festivities. Actually this years parade was the first Aden has ever been to and he had a BLAST!...and along with help from some special friends Aden made out like a fact I think we will still have enough candy for trick or treaters come Halloween. He also got a "Spider Man" inflatable friend from the fair as his special treat for being so good.
Killing time waiting for the parade to start.I think I see something coming.Whoo Hoo Throw some this way!Heading home for a nap.The spoils of a long day at the fair!

Helping Daddy

I caught this Kodak moment when Aden got under the desk to help Chris fix his computer! It was so cute and Chris loved that his boy wanted to help so much.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


You will have to excuse the bad quality of the pictures I forgot my camera and used my phone instead. The funniest part is I couldn't really see what I was taking a picture of....the sun was so bright I couldn't see the screen. But I just thought the kids were so cute and had so much fun.


So last week was the Desert View Credit Union Pro Rodeo. Chris was hopping all week with preparations and was extremely busy all week end while it was going. He worked crazy hours and was run ragged. But on Saturday the last day of the Rodeo Mom, Laura, Aden, and I went to enjoy the festivities. It was really fun and Aden was so cute about all the events. He would get really excited when they did good and cheer really loud "yeah he did it!" and when they didn't do so good he would say "oh, he miss" or "oh darn" and we had him saying stuff like "nice try" and "It's okay". It was a lot of fun and because of Chris' job we got in for free :).

This week is fair week so stay tuned for more pictures of great times....and more exhausting days for Chris.