Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fishing Trip with Daddy to Moab!

It was a long ride but this guy was a real trooper...he loves going fishing with Daddy.A pitstop at scenic Eagle Canyon
He reeled in his fish and was so excited...but apperently they fought some..."help daddy help!"
So excited about his FISHY!
Showing off his catch.
glub glub....a close up of one of the days catches. Final tally...Daddy cought 3 on his big pole and Aden on the Spiderman pole cought 5....I don't know what it is about that pole, but the fish LOVE it....or maybe it's the little fisherman :D

My Silly Boys!

Checkin his emails....chatting with his peeps....
speaking of peeps....the determination of this boy to get to those peeps was SO cute!
Turns out he didn't care about the peeps...he wanted the package :)
The last couple of days Aden has been getting dressed and going to "work". He goes outside and plays in the dirt.....What a great JOB!

This is him "working" at Aunt Tammy's house with the cousins :D..

He loved going down the hill over and over and over.....he didn't want to come home.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

So after all the egg fun and baskets of goodies from the day before, we had a great Easter Sunday with Conference and visiting and a wonderful Easter feast. Between sessions of conference we took the kids to the Elementary school and rolled the colored eggs down the good hills there...and the slide just because we could :D.
Watching the eggs roll down the hill....they loved it!

This kid loved watching them crack and didn't even care if his egg was the fastest!I would call this a serious case of egg envy...It's a good thing he loves that girl...he isn't above taking things from her but he was patient when it came to the eggs. When we ran out of eggs the kids took turns going down the slide too!
Cute picture with Mary and the baby cousins...I can't wait to see if they are as good of friends as Aden and Tianna.

Easter Bunny!

The loot the Easter Bunny left! They both made a haul!
Aden was so excited about the toys but mostly the CANDY!
Raleigh didn't quite know what to think....
...but we talked him into a smile
Then off to Grandma's house for an indoor hunt with Tianna
His face says it all! CANDY!!!
The Easter Bunny got a little morbid when he hid the eggs there :)
Raleigh participated in the only way he knows how....chewing on an empty egg!

Then off the Great Grandma's for an outdoor egg hunt...that bunny was SUPER busy.

This was not Raleigh's idea of was mom's and it didn't last long...oh well :D

Easter Eggs!

The egg coloring eggs-travaganza! Need I say more?

City Easter Egg Hunt

Chris took Aden to the City Easter Egg hunt. Aden had a good time even though he didn't get any eggs during the hunt. He got the goody bag and toy and later on someone took pity on his lack of eggs and shared some of theirs. Chris felt disappointed for him but really he didn't mind that much.

My Boys

As a mother of two there are many things I have had to adjust to. One that I have LOVED is to see my boys together and how much they love each other. Aden absolutely adores his brother and would love nothing more than to just hold him and play with him for hours. Raleigh is very reserved with his giggles but for some reason Aden can get him to giggle faster and harder than any one else. He loves when his brother plays peek-a-boo with him and just to see them interact makes my heart swell. The other part that is heart wrenching is watching Aden get upset when Raleigh is upset. When we had Raleigh on breathing treatments the very first time, Aden saw the contraption and heard the loud pump and got really upset when he saw his brother crying and he ran away crying too....I guess I didn't expect at such a young age for him to be so compassionate and sympathetic for his brother.

Darth Vader Baby

I have decided a baby should be born in the late spring...this due to the fact that it isn't cold and flu season....Raleigh got sick shortly after he was born and he got sick again a couple weeks ago. He had the really raspy cough and an ear infection. The pediatrician gave him antibiotics for the ear and a breathing treatment regimen for the cough. He is now recovered and doing great but here is a picture of him getting the breathing treatment...not a fan obviously.