Friday, May 29, 2009

That's What Little Boys Are Made of..........

If you are having trouble identifying what it is my son is hugging with such is a SNAKE, yes a LIVE snake! It is a long time dream of Chris's to become a Herpetologist (a snake scientist) so it should come as no surprise to me that his son is loving on a snake. But it does......if you will recall the post with the lizards, he isn't a huge fan of the creepy crawlers. Apparently the snake is an exception. Aden even wanted to pet it's head....the part with all the teeth....crazy boy!
The snake wasn't real friendly but Chris was super careful. But I guess there will be a pet snake in our future....a few years in the future....and a very tame, non-poisonous one.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with friends, family, and fun activities! The weather wasn't ideal but we worked around it and had a great time anyways. My good friends Lacie and Laurie and Laurie's cute daughter Lala came down and stayed a couple of days with us. We went swimming and had bbq's and rode horses (well some rode horses...not dangerous) all in all we had a great time just getting to spend time catching up and relaxing. The three kids loved the animals and playing with each other and they were soooo cute together!

Then on Monday we actually had enough sunshine to venture out fishing for a while......we did have to pack it in early due to rain but we caught some fish and had a great time. Aden and Tianna were more interested in playing with dirt and rocks, but hey, whatever works.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Boy Underwear.....HAT?!

So I bought Aden some big boy underwear to continue the potty training progress. Well Aden was super excited that the underwear had his favorite cartoon characters on it....such as Nemo, Wally, and even Cars. Well I thought he would be excited but I never expected this reaction. "HAT!!!" is what he yelled in excitement as he planted a pair right on his head! So for your enjoyment and Aden's future embarrassment.....
With Chocolate chip cookie on his face and all :)!

Aden's Dance Off

Okay so ignore the messy house...really all it is Aden unfolded all the blankets I had folded from our company this past weekend. But anyway I turned on the music and watched this little boy's dancing talents unfold. I love how his style ranges from break dancing mosh pit dancing to slow interpretive lyrical styles and everything between :D. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outrageously Adorable Blur

So any one who has seen an ultra sound knows, the picture isn't great and some times it is impossible to pick out any discernible features. However, once you see one of your own or of someone you love it changes instantly! That once blur becomes one of the cutest things you have ever seen, especially if you are in the room and see the little blur move! Well here is our little blur from the doctor's appointment today. Gestational age 12 weeks 5 days.
This one is a really blurry one but it shows the babies heart beat. Those who believe in wives tales: above 140 beats per minute is a girl below 140 beats per minute is a boy. Baby's heart beat comes in at 165bpm. Either way be sure to vote, I would love to be able to show baby some day what every one thought this bundle of joy would be :)! Only 7 weeks til we find out for sure boy or girl!

Monday, May 18, 2009

For the Love of Fish!

For probably a year or so now we have had a fish tank in Aden's room. He loves fish and despite the fact that he has dumped the fish food all over the floor SEVERAL times, he seems to do really well with the fish. Well as sometimes happens our fish died so we went to Wal-Mart and got a new one. Now I realize you can't see the fish from these pictures but that is because Aden was loving on it so thoroughly that I couldn't get him in the frame, but just so you know it is a big fantail gold fish. We went to the fish section pretty well first thing and by the time we were half way through the store we realized that was probably a bad move....but despite all the lovin he made it home into the tank safe and sound...for the most part (okay so he swam sideways for the next day or two). He has proved to be a resilient fish and has become fast friends with the long time resident frog :).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This kid kills me sometimes!

So we have been using timeout lately to punish bad behavior and to help Aden calm down from a tantrum. We tell him he can come off timeout when he calms down and can be nice. Most the time it only takes a minute or two and he comes in and asks "nice?" which I am assuming is his way of asking if he can come off time out and telling me he will be nice. Well today I got to see what it looks like through Aden's perspective.
Aden was playing and being all independent....which I encourage because other wise I get nothing done.... any ways, he was playing with two of his tractors. One is smaller than the other, and this is how the conversation went between the tractors....yes the tractors talked to each other. Big Tractor: "No No No! Time out" Little Tractor: "Be Nice?" to which big tractor pushes little tractor down a cliff (off the coffee table) and Little Tractor pleads "HELP!" and Big Tractor quickly comes to the rescue....And it starts again with Big Tractor Saying "No No No!" and Little Tractor saying "Nice?" Now rest assured I have never pushed Aden down, off a cliff or other wise, but I do come running every time he hollers for help. So I hope this is his way of showing he knows I am the one that punishes but also the one who rescues him.....other wise I may need the name of a good child psychologist.
By the way, the above picture is of Aden sitting on a John Deere Tractor.....just like the toys he was playing with!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Surprise!

I love Mother's day.....not because I get presents but because I love taking that opportunity to tell all the great mothers in my life thank you. It also has special meaning to me because it was a couple days before Mother's day we found out we were expecting Aden....and by mother's day pretty well everyone knew! But being a mommy is super special to me. I wanted to be mommy since I was little and even my wildest dreams didn't come close to what being a mom would be like. It is both more wonderful and more terrible than anything I have ever experienced. I know saying it is terrible sounds bad, but seriously, I never knew it would be a heart wrenching experience every time my baby gets even the slightest bit hurt or sick. I didn't understand the amount of love and compassion I was capable of. I didn't know that a little face could have such power over everything I do. With just the slightest smile or pout my resolve comes crashing down....not to mention when he started talking... One little "pweez"and I am a goner! All this has given me a better understanding of my parents and especially my mother. So here is my shout out to all the mom's in my life, and all those who are reading this blog. May you be blessed with all the hugs, kisses, band aids, hours of sleep, giggles, and smiles that are necessary to keep your sanity and endure the hard times. There are many of you who have been such a positive influence on my life and honestly you make it look easy!
Along with this shout out comes a little motherly duties are going to double :D! We are just about 12 weeks along and figured Mother's day was the perfect time to make that announcement. Some may already know....because I am terrible at keeping secrets and those I work with know because the morning sickness and maternity clothes are a dead give away! I am sorry if you are good friend and didn't know but because of my PCOS condition (if you are lost about that see the weight loss post from Feb 25) I am more than twice as likely to have a miss carriage so we wanted to be at the 12 week mark before we told the world (okay so we aren't quite there but close enough). We have been trying for over a year now to have another baby and we are finally..........

We are super excited and so is Aden! I don't know how much he actually understands of the situation but he seems to have a pretty good grasp on it for someone his age. Sorry I don't have an ultra sound picture to post but because things have gone so smoothly thus far my doctor didn't feel one necessary....kind of a good thing but I am sad not to see baby yet :(...I guess I and you will have to wait for the 20 week ultra sound.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Time Baking!

So I have done a lot of things with Aden but really when it comes to cooking and baking I make a big mess all by myself so I usually just do it with Aden on the other side of the baby gate. But seeing a friends blog post with pictures of her little one helping I thought Aden might enjoy it too! So this morning after breakfast Aden and I baked a loaf of banana bread. I figured the best way to share is by sharing the recipe and directions!

My favorite Banana Bread
8Tbl- 1 stick of butter or Margarine

2Cups all-purpose flour

1tsp Salt

1 1/2tsp baking powder

3/4Cup Sugar

2 Eggs

3 Mashed Bananas (I like to use the ones that are past their prime...they mush easier and it is a good way to get use out of bananas that would other wise go to waist)

1tsp Vanilla

1/2 Cup Chopped can crush them too....Aden liked that part :)

Mix Dry Ingredients

Cream butter and beat in eggs and bananas- add to dry ingredients

do not over mix

stir in vanilla and nuts

Bake at 350 F for 45-60 Min

Until nicely browned

You can kill time while it is baking by cleaning up!

And the very last and best step

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahhhh Spring Time!

So this weekend we took advantage of the great warm weather and had a Bar-B-Q which Aden loved because he LOVES the out doors. (He throws a big tantrum when it is time to go inside!) We even let the dogs out to play and Aden insisted they come sit in his Wagon with him. They didn't seem to mind too much :). Also I don't know if you can tell from these pictures but Aden got a hair cut! Yes I have braved that didn't turn out too bad.....slightly uneven in spots but, if you knew how much that kid squirmed you would be proud!