Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rewind a little....Baby Gauge

A few fun little factoids about Gauge:
Due to a blood transfusion I had before my pregnancy with Gauge, I developed an antibody that attacked Gauge while in the womb which required several sonograms throughout the pregnancy but mostly towards the end...which means the poor fella was highly pictured before he was even born!

At 28 weeks pregnant with Gauge I had some pretty bad bleeding that required I go to the hospital over night for observation.
While at the hospital they mis-wrote  Gauge's name tag to say Guage....He has since carried the nickname the Guaglette.
Because of the antibody Gauge had a worse case of Jaundice and had a higher risk than normal so he had to have the billi lights at home...but crazy enough "light boxes" had changed quite drastically since Raleigh had one.

All three of my boys had their first baths at home in my kitchen sink, given by my Mom. Gauge had the added help of both big brothers and grandpa!

Love the freshly bathed fuzzy hair!

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